These are the Features Your Website Needs

Website Planning

What functionalities should your website possess? What features are imperative?

Every website, regardless of its purpose, should incorporate several fundamental elements: straightforward navigation, high-quality content, a compelling call to action, professional design, accessibility, security, and adherence to technical best practices.

But beyond these essentials, your website should also serve specific functions. How can it enhance operational efficiency for your business? How can it cater to existing customers while attracting new ones? The answer lies in identifying the “must-have” features, which largely hinge on your ideal customer’s needs and your business objectives.

To pinpoint the essential features of your website, consider these guiding questions:

1. What functions must my website fulfill?
2. How can my website enhance user experience?
3. Will this feature boost traffic, leads, or conversions?
4. Does this feature improve my customer’s journey?
5. Can this feature optimize business operations?

Here are some key website features to consider, keeping in mind that you should prioritize those aligning with your overarching website strategy.

E-commerce + Cart
E-commerce involves the online buying and selling of goods and services. While various methods facilitate online sales, most commonly, “e-commerce” refers to software with a “shopping cart” feature. This feature is ideal for websites with numerous products, where customers can add items to their cart and complete transactions. Website administrators can efficiently manage orders via the e-commerce platform’s dashboard.

Blog Posts and Content
Generating website traffic and increasing brand awareness can be achieved through content marketing. Providing relevant resources in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, photo galleries, and more can attract visitors. Notably, RRSanchez’s website platform excels in modular content organization, allowing you to arrange and present your content dynamically to your audience.

Appointment Scheduling
Appointment scheduling is valuable for various types of websites, including service-based businesses like salons, veterinarians, mechanics, and dentists. It streamlines the booking process for clients and can also be used for sales-related activities such as online consultations, discovery calls, and product demos.

Customizable Forms
Forms may not sound glamorous, but they serve diverse purposes on your website, including contact forms, custom quotes, e-newsletter sign-ups, payment forms, subscriptions, order forms, lead capture forms, and contest entry forms. Syncing form entries with your e-newsletter platform or CRM helps manage leads and customers efficiently.

Installing a chat widget enables real-time interaction with visitors as they navigate your website. It’s useful for promotions, addressing inquiries, or providing customer support. Quick response times are essential for maintaining user satisfaction when implementing chat.

Click to Call or Text
Simplify contact for visitors by offering “click to call” functionality and indicating if you accept text inquiries, accommodating diverse communication preferences.

Lead Capture
Entice visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for something valuable, such as whitepapers, e-books, guides, courses, newsletters, special discount codes, or other relevant content. Building an email list allows for ongoing engagement with potential customers.

Newsletter Sign-Up
For those producing high-quality content, a newsletter sign-up option allows interested visitors to stay informed about your latest offerings. Integrating this with your e-newsletter service streamlines subscriber management.

Landing Pages
Landing pages are effective for promoting specific products, services, or promotions. They provide detailed information and include a call to action for sign-ups or purchases.

Membership + Exclusive Content
Content creators and experts can offer premium, member-only content, online groups, coaching sessions, and exclusive products or services to paying members.

Digital Products
Sell digital products like music, videos, guides, e-books, and courses directly from your website, expanding your income opportunities.

Map and Locations
Physical businesses benefit from displaying maps of their locations. For companies with multiple locales, a searchable store locator is essential.

Menu + Online Ordering
Restaurants and food establishments should feature their menus and, if applicable, online ordering options for pickup or delivery.

Social Media Integrations
Integrate your social media accounts seamlessly with your website, including embedded Facebook or Instagram feeds, links to all profiles, and social media sharing buttons for easy content sharing.

Choosing the right combination of website features enhances the user experience, attracts visitors, and simplifies interactions with potential and existing customers. Establish clear website goals and create a comprehensive plan to determine the ideal feature set.

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