Business in a Box!

$24.95 / month

Cloud-Based Document Management Platform to Organize,
Manage and Grow Your New Business!
Includes full access to 2,600+ marketing,
business & legal document templates.



“Business in a Box” refers to a comprehensive and ready-to-use business solution that includes all the essential tools, resources, and guidance needed to start and manage a successful business.

It includes:

Pre-designed templates for business plans, legal documents, marketing materials and financial spreadsheets, along with step-by-step instructions and tutorials to help entrepreneurs navigate various aspects of business ownership.

With our “Business in a Box,” aspiring entrepreneurs can jumpstart their business ventures with minimal effort and time, as it provides a streamlined and efficient way to establish a professional and fully-functioning business.

Whether it’s a physical box containing physical materials or a digital platform with online resources, our “Business in a Box” offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for individuals looking to start their own businesses.


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