Finding Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is not an isolated entity; it’s intricately linked to your company’s mission, your intended clientele, and the specific sector or industry you operate in. Crafting a distinctive brand voice requires prior attention to these fundamental elements of your brand.

Defining Brand Voice

Your brand voice is essentially the language you employ and the manner in which you communicate with your customers. It’s about selecting words that deeply resonate with your target audience and forging a profound connection.

To initiate the process of discovering your brand voice, consider this list of descriptive adjectives.

Brand Voice Adjectives

List of Brand Voice Adjectives

Now, take a moment to reflect: What are the top 10 words that best describe your brand?

From these ten, distill them down to the top four adjectives. This step holds great significance because it’s challenging to effectively convey more than a few key traits through your visual brand.

Brand Voice Do's and Don'ts

If you find yourself stuck, these guiding questions may assist you in narrowing down your descriptive words:

  • Is this the most apt word for conveying our intended message?
  • Does another word better encapsulate this idea?
  • How will your team interpret and embody this word?
  • Does your target audience genuinely perceive your brand in this way?
    Once you’ve pinpointed your crucial four words, create a chart similar to the one below, outlining the do’s and don’ts associated with each adjective.

Brand Voice Do’s and Don’ts of Descriptive Words

With your brand voice crystallized, the next imperative step is to apply it consistently across all touchpoints – from your collaterals, website, and social media to your advertising efforts and every other platform you engage with.

Constructing a brand that authentically represents you, resonates with your ideal clients, and speaks to your target audience entails several strategic steps. It’s only after you’ve honed your brand voice that you’ll be primed to delve into the design of your logo and brand identity.

If you’re ready to elevate your branding game but find yourself navigating uncharted waters, fear not. I’m here to assist! Reach out, so we can delve into your challenges and explore how I can contribute to your brand’s success.