I love making the world a prettier place. We certainly need it nowadays. 
I fight for what's right, obsess over beauty and really, really dislike clutter.

I'm inquisitive, passionate, and experimental. I dream up new ideas every second of every day and love putting my ideas to paper or web or any other medium, including canvas and wood.
I love history, why we do things and beautiful design. 
As a design leader, I seek creative excellence at every instance. I'm a student of clean design and typography, consumers, trends and culture. Through listening and learning, I fight for work that makes my client's brand into amazing pieces.

Design is truly about problem-solving and making people's lives better.
I'm a passionate leader of creativity. For over 15 years, I've worked with all sorts of industries - from beauty to entertainment, giving each one of them their look and feel, whether corporate or cutting edge. I've managed interns and designers and many projects, working in teams and on my own.

I am extremely hands-on to this day, being actively involved in every detail, every day.
My climb up the creative ladder began via promoting hip-hop music in Miami in the 1990's. My work with Tommy Boy, Warner Brothers, Priority Records and others have garnered me gold and platinum plaques for my extensive work and invaluable creative input. My reputation as Miami’s #1 promoter quickly spread and resulted in the success of my own promotions business that spanned five years and included consulting on various projects for the above-mentioned companies, as well as Jive, Loud, Geffen, and others. Promoting for these companies, I also taught myself various ways to add exposure and value to my then clients, including creating flyers, writing articles and bios, building websites, writing business reports and coming up with strategy over marketing concepts and ideas. I've worn many hats in the entertainment industry-manager to booking agent to creative consultant to writer & being Grammy winners, Cool & Dre's first manager.

I love every aspect of design and love to give companies their look with design and copywriting.
I've worked on many global projects over my career and have been fortunate to work with such forward-thinking companies as Target, Papa John's Pizza, City College of New York, Macy's and AMC Networks as well some of the world's top deep house music DJ's - Louie Vega, Shelter Records, Jellybean Benitez, Tony Humphries, Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Karizma as well as many hip-hop artists and more.
I have organized and presented at events, managed many projects, found sponsors for events, collaborated with others, sat on panels and have had work awarded and published over the years under the company name alphabet city design + marketing. This is only when I've had interns, teams and staff work with me.
I'm also active across collaborations; startups, freelance special projects, personal projects and masterminds.
You can get in touch with me at raquel@rrsanchez.com.

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